Bangkok: Jumping in the deep end

Bangkok: 14th – 16th October


We arrived in to Bangkok airport after 15 hours of travelling, which included a stop over in Dubai. Upon arrival, we navigated the sky train link to Victory Monument before catching a taxi to our hotel. After a pleasant nights sleep in a shockingly luxurious room we ate breakfast at the hotel before heading out to explore the local area. Throughout the day we experienced local markets and cuisine, shopping malls, small temples and local transportation. We ended our two nights in Bangkok sat by the pool in the tropical heat.

Doesn’t that sound ideal? Well, it’s a shame our experience of Bangkok didn’t run so smoothly


Arrival in Bangkok



Upon arrival numerous taxi’s refused to drive us to our hotel by simply shaking their hands and driving off. It was only after two old, lovely Thai ladies took on the challenge of capturing a taxi that we finally made it to our hotel, which happened to be very luxurious. Shaken, and very overwhelmed we settled down with the assurance that tomorrow would most definitely be easier.


We awoke, slightly confused by the time difference to begin the celebrations for Adam’s 22nd Birthday. For breakfast we had a full English – or so we wished. We were met with sausages that must have contained plastic as they squeaked as we ate them, and an array of vegetables all flavoured in what we were soon made aware to be a peanut sauce.

For those who are not aware, Karis is allergic to peanuts. Queue the drama …

Karis suddenly became aware of the peanuts presence after her lips, tongue and throat began to swell. Therefore, breakfast soon ended and the dash for the medicine began. After adding some pills to the lovely concoction of breakfast, Karis lived on for another day.

Karis 1, Peanut 0.

We decided that to fully see the sights a ferry down to the grand palace would be best. This said ferry, which the hotel assured us was just around the corner, actually took us two hours to find in humid temperatures surpassing 34 degrees. We explored the local streets and turned heads wherever we stepped foot. It turned out that the ferry port was closed, and had been inactive for what seemed quite some time. Tired and hot we turned defeated and very vaguely traced our steps back to the hotel.

After a quick recovery, we decided to try again and caught a taxi to the centre. Here we explored the hub of Bangkok and were overwhelmed by its urban beauty. However, as we explored Bangkok we discovered that due to the King’s very unfortunate death, the city was in a state of mourning. Main temples and roads were shut and mourning colours (black and white) decorated the city.


Our final evening consisted of us journeying back on a local bus, which can only be compared to the night bus on Harry potter. After getting dropped in the wrong neighbourhood and using our tourist map to return to our hotel, we collapsed on our bed exhausted. We both felt that we had arrived in Bangkok at a bad time, and now look forward to returning to Bangkok before we leave Asia to explore it further.

Now to journey North to Chiang Mai… what could go wrong?




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