26th November 2016: 

Today was the day we escaped the intense humidity of Asia.

Upon arriving in Sydney, our relief after being greeted with signs that were in English was unreal. Everything went extremely smoothly on route to our Air BnB, and our uber driver’s insistence that due to the summer heat the air conditioning had to be on full, made us both chuckle.

We stayed in Annandale, a small suburb three miles away from the centre of Sydney. Our hosts, Mark and Jess, were both very friendly and instantly recommended the best places to go for food.

So, after a quick power nap to help us adjust to the time zone, we headed to the nearby fish and chip shop for a taste of home, and for the entirety of the meal may well have been in heaven. We spent the rest of the day exploring the area and walking through Jubilee Park – where we found ourselves happily surrounded by many pet, rather than stray, dogs.

27th November:

Our extremely touristy day began by catching the local bus into Sydney Harbour to see the Sydney Opera House and we were not disappointed. Its grandeur was unreal. We walked through the royal botanical gardens so that we were able to complete our trip with these stereotypical, but not so sunny, photos:



Next, we headed to ‘The Rocks’, which was full of unique shops and hundreds of festive stalls. After laughing at the multiple kangaroos and koala’s fashioning Christmas attire, we headed towards the city centre – which disappointingly was very much like any other city.

28th November: 

Today we caught the bus to Coogee Beach, before walking along the coast to Bondi Beach (where Bay Watch was filmed).

The coastal walk, which took us past multiple beaches, was incredible.



A rather weird experience, however, was walking through Waverly cemetery. This cemetery was HUGE and contains, according to the internet 50,000+ gravestones, which stretch as far as the eye can see. Furthermore, because it was so big and home to many famous names, tours were shockingly offered to tourists.


Our final stop, Bondi Beach, was like all of the beaches en route: amazing. The waves were huge, the water was warm and the surfers were out in mass.


To get back to the air BnB, although we caught the correct bus, it was heading in the wrong direction.

But as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, and we soon found ourselves in the city park eating dominoes.

Side Note: Haydn’s, incorrectly spelt, name weirdly was next to mine on the order screen in Dominos.

Our three days in Sydney went by in a blur, but we were both very excited to head to Byron Bay – even if it meant catching a fourteen-hour bus that left at 3 am. 



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