Byron Bay

29.11.16 – 03.12.16

Our fourteen-hour journey from Sydney, although long, surprisingly did not drag too much! We stopped multiple times in English speaking rest stops, unlike Asia, and managed to sleep peacefully without the driver continuously honking the horn.


Thanks to booking last minute, we had no choice but to spend three nights at a camp site. However, the location of the campsite was unbeatable. We had this, Tallows Beach, just minutes away.


Plus, the hub of Byron bay was about a thirty-minute walk or a free shuttle bus away.


We awoke bright and early thanks to mother nature and the surrounding wildlife, and headed straight to the nearby beach for a stroll before breakfast.


Our day as a whole did not involve much. We caught the shuttle bus into town, headed straight for the beach and set up camp for the day, only moving to swim or to get food – which was absolute heaven.



 After having already spent a whole day on the beach, we thought we would spend the day exploring the coastline and surrounding area – which did not disappoint.

The route we followed along the coast.

We started on the main beach and did a massive loop that took us along breath taking beaches, through ‘rainforests’ and to cliff points where you could sit and watch dolphins.


At the light house the views were incredible, and after climbing what felt like a vertical cliff face, we rewarded ourselves with a snack.


But it wasn’t long before the wildlife caught wind of the food, and we found ourselves joined by an overly confident turkey and two persistent crows.

p1030665After a quick break we continued on with our hike, and managed to get this scenic photograph of the beach situated behind our camp site. But, as always, the picture does not do the overwhelming view justice.

Yes, that is us stood in the road. 

From the lighthouse, we looped back round to the main beach through a supposed rain forest – that did not feel any different to a small woodland.


The day and hike, although exhausting, was amazing. We ended our day by collapsing on the beach and watching the surfers battle the waves.


 By our second morning we were already in a routine. We awoke early and headed straight to the beach before breakfast. On our final day in Byron Bay the camp site owners took a small group of us to see some of the local attractions.

Our first stop was Killan Falls, a small waterfall that you were able to swim beneath.

P1030890.JPGNext was Lennox head, a viewpoint well known in the surfing community. Our guide also told us that a beach nearby had suffered from three shark attacks in the last six months.

P1030898.JPGFinally, our last stop was Lake Ainsworth, a lake surrounded by tea trees known by the aboriginal community for the waters healing powers. The water had an oily appearance, which made your skin appear red when submerged.

You can just see the red hue to the water near the waters edge.

Upon arriving back at the campsite we fired up the barbecue, which alongside hearing Christmas songs for the first time made us feel a million miles away from the festivities of home.


Next stop: Gold Coast.


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