Gold Coast

3rd-6th December


Today was the day, which after a three-hour bus journey, we were reunited with luxury. We stayed, thanks to Air BnB, in an apartment on the 18th floor overlooking this view.


Our apartment unknown to us when we booked it was part of the ‘Focus’ tower. A building used in the initial bush tucker trial, for those who are fans of I’m a celebrity get me out of here.


bush tucker.jpg


We awoke refreshed and felt like we had slept on a cloud, which made our deflating air bed back in Byron Bay seem like a distant memory.

We spent the day exploring the beach that stretched for miles. The complete contrast between the tropical waters and white sands to the vast sea of sky scrapers really emphasised how Surfers Paradise combines the natural and man made.


Whilst Karis led in the sun, I ran – rather naively – into a sea full of humongous waves that continuously came crashing into shore.

Although jumping the waves and occasionally catching them to swim into shore could be fun, I was caught out multiple times and may have well been in a washing machine.

To a beach full of people, I basically put on a free show. After misjudging one wave, I soon found myself rotating underwater heading towards the shore at high speed. It was all over very soon however. I resurfaced, or rather got spat out by the sea, blind and disorientated. I coughed, sputtered and clung to some poor women for support (believing is was Karis, may I add). Despite my obvious confusion and embarrassment, Karis and the rest of the shore it seemed could not have enjoyed the show more.


After such a delightful, and exhausting swim we strolled up the beach in an attempt to find the Palazzo Versace Hotel – the hotel used for I’m a celebrity get me out of here. Although we were unsuccessful in spotting any celebrities inside, the hotel itself was amazing and well worth the random visit.



We then headed to McDonalds for lunch, which is very expensive in Australia may I add. Whilst eating I saw Ola and James Jordan walk by outside, so we hurried out the door in an attempt to meet them. However, they had vanished – but instead Karis spotted Jordon leaving the hotel so we went and chatted to him and got a photo.

This is where it gets weird. We then headed back to Mcdonalds for an ice cream, as you do. To both our shock, the couple infront of us in the queue were Ola and James – and these photos followed.

We ended our day typical traveler style, by exploring the local food market and eating all of the free samples we could get our hands on … the brownies were to die for.

However, a huge lightening storm kept us awake. There were warnings on tv telling people to stay inside, and the lightening unfortunately killed one person.

We found this photo in the lobby of the building once being struck … how fitting. 



Today saw the ‘I’m a celebrity’ theme continue. We awoke, watched the final live and slowly strolled up the beach so we could see all of the finalists return.

Queue the photos …


We treated ourselves to a drink in Palazzo Versace bar before heading back to the beach, where we spent the remainder of the day.


We were made to feel extremely lucky in our choice of accommodation upon bumping into some friends we made in Byron Bay. They told us that they were sharing a four bed hostel dorm with two other guys, who kept bringing girls back for a rather noisy sleep over.

Whilst others we met, told us that whilst in Byron bay they spent the same price as us on accommodation. However, whilst we had a private tent, they had no choice but to share a dormitory with 30 other people.

After hearing these multiple experiences, we both felt like finally we had this ‘travelling thing’ under control.


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