06.12.16 – 07.12.16

From our travels, we have discovered that cities as a whole, apart from containing a few individual landmarks, are very universal.

Despite the impressive Christmas decorations, Brisbane out of all the cities we have visited so far, unfortunately, was not our favourite.


We spent our first day exploring and quickly discovered it was a cleaner, yet very similar city to London.


The riverside was called the South Bank and it even contained a big wheel all to0 similar to the London Eye.


As penny pinching travellers, we did find a gem … but it was not related to culture.

We were able to find Australia’s equivalent to Weatherspoon’s and have a pub meal and a pint for $12 (around £7)!!

Our Air BnB hosts in Brisbane were nice and the houses location was perfect. But our night’s sleep was disturbed – yet again – by horrendous thunder and lightening.


Today, thanks to a recommendation in Byron Bay, we headed to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.The day completely exceeded our expectations and changed our initial opinions of Brisbane. We spent the whole day at the sanctuary and eagerly attended all of the shows.

First, we watched an Australian sheep dog demonstration that ended with the dog, rather comically, led on top of the sheep.


Next, we headed to see the birds of prey, where they swooped over our heads and circled the surrounding fields.



We also learnt about snakes, platypus’, dingo’s, wombats, Tasmanian devils, emus and cassowaries – so our day was very action packed.

Above: A Dingo

Above: Tasmanian Devil

During our lunch break, we became very much aware of the global success of the sanctuary when we realised the walls were lined with pictures of celebrities holding koalas.

So, just like the celebs, we headed straight to the koala section.


Koala’s although cute and fluffy, have to be one of the laziest animals in the world. All they do is sleep and eat, therefore leading a lifestyle of which I am very jealous.


Next, we headed into the Kangaroo enclosure where we got to hand feed the Kangaroos. They were all collapsed and motionless in the shade looking very much how we felt, overheated and exhausted.


They were so gentle to feed and allowed visitors to get amazingly close and touch them. However, they were not fans of the wallabies and ducks who continually tried to steal their food.

Yet despite these amazing experiences, Karis – rather weirdly – still upholds that her favourite animals of the day were the bats.



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