07.12.16 – 09.12.16

Red pin shows the location of Noosa on the east coast.


Our bus journey to Noosa was the same as most … very long. But thankfully, we are both very used to horrendously long journeys now.

The journey was temporarily injected with excitement when our driver was pulled over by the police. But, rather disappointingly, it was because the driver unknowingly had his hazards on. So the excitement was very short lived.

Our arrival into Noosa was really smooth. The beaches were beautiful, our hosts (and more importantly their dog) made us very at home and even gave us a tour of the town. So all in all, we both really enjoyed our stay.

Our hosts dog: A black labrador that was slowly turning brown!


The beach we stayed alongside was called Sunrise beach, which looked pretty cool I guess…


The evening we arrived, we strolled along the beach and headed to the surf club. Where we had our first Australian pint of cider overlooking the water, before heading to a nearby bistro bar for a pizza.


 Today our host dropped us into the centre, where we explored the high street and the main beach.


 We decided to walk home via the scenic route along the coast, which promised beautiful coastal scenery. According to multiple signs it would take roughly 2 to 3 hours. But, as our luck goes, upon taking our first step – no joke – the heavens opened.

The walk did take around 3 hours, and for all of that time it rained. But despite being well and truly drenched, we tried our best to embrace the environment.


The rain, weirdly enough, did not completely ruin the walk, but it instead made it quieter and gave the coast a more rugged appearance.

The final beach we had to cross, Alexandria Bay, made us feel rather overdressed after we saw three elderly people run into the sea completely naked.

Yes, we were walking across a nudist beach.

However, thanks to the rain, the beach was basically empty. So we were not blinded completely!

Upon making it back to Sunrise beach (where we were staying), we were greeted by this pretty spectacular view:


However, if something seems too good to be true it normally is.

One thing that is not emphasised enough about Australia is the bugs. Flies were everywhere. At one point Karis counted over twenty flies dotted on my bag and back – and no it is not because I smelt. To anyone watching us, would have thought we were diseased. We tried multiple times to bat them off and outrun them – but all this resulted in was being chased by a swarm of flies. So it seemed easier to let them settle.

When we got back, we grabbed a cheesecake from the nearby store to rejuvenate our energy, which seemed only right, and chilled with our hosts whilst the sky lit up this amazing colour during sunset.




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