Hervey bay

10.12.16 – 12.12.16

As soon as we arrived we realised that Hervey bay was an extremely sleepy town.

Our journey was easy, our host was friendly and her house was modern – plus she even offered us her car! We were temporarily living in luxury.

On our first evening, we walked along the coast and sat on a bench, where we were lucky enough to see dolphins swimming ridiculously close to the shore.


But, trying to photograph them was next to impossible … as you can see.


This was the day we realised that our stay was going to being an extremely quiet one, as the sea side town felt more like a retirement home.

The main excursion and reason why people stayed here was for Hervey Bay – however, due to funds we prioritised Whitsundays instead.

Therefore, we spent our day exploring the coast line and went to the nearby cinema.




After exhausting what we could do in Hervey Bay the previous day, our options were very limited and our overnight bus did not leave until 9:30pm, so we had A LOT of time to kill.

Out of options, we headed the other direction along the coast, walked along the main pier and had an ice cream … so yet again, a very … very quiet day.


This intriguing statue sat at the end of the pier!


This bird pestered us whilst we ate our ice cream. 




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